Teresa returns to Argentina determined to sell the family farm, but excessive rain forces her to stay, while allowing Ernesto, the presumptuous man who runs it, to convince her to keep it. As she reconnects with the land, Ernesto's efforts and insinuations will force Teresa to make a drastic decision.

+ Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival 2019 - International Competition
+ RiverRun International Film Festival 2019 - Winner ‘Best Student Narrative Short’
+ First Run Wassermann Award 2019 - Finalist
+ Chris Columbus Film Production Fund 2018 - Winner
+ Roger King Finishing Fund 2018 - Winner

Featuring: Elena Gowland + Germán de Silva

Writer & Director: Inés Gowland
Producer: Joy Jorgensen
Editor: Erica Freed Marker
Production Design: Marian Mathias
Cinematography: Inés Gowland

Digital, Color, 14”
Shot on location in Ayacucho, Argentina. 2019